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We are a New York City based , Youth-led organizaton dedicated to amplifying the voice of young people of all gender identities and ages through creativity. We are separated into 4 departments in order to help each member have their voice heard in the way that best suits them.

Journals of Color

Apply to join one of the first teen-led, Bronx-based magazines, Journals of Color. They release monthly issues surrounding heavy topics that seeks to inform a global audience on what being from the Bronx really means.


FIERCE is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color in NYC. Become a politically conscious leader invested in improving yourself and your community.

NYPIRG: Hunger and Homelessness Student Leader Meetings

Join NYPIRG for weekly student leader meetings and help create and provide resources for our peers in need!


Volunteering with Homoglobin connects you with other high school and college-aged young people across New York passionate about getting blood equity, accessible healthcare, and inclusive LGBTQ+ education to the forefront of our state's policy agenda

Youth Power Coalition

Join YPC and connect to a coalition of organizations across NYC fighting to empower youth-led collective impact.

AQE: Rapid Response team

Join AQE's rapid response team. Help put pressure on their state legislators to demand full funding for NYC schools.

Big Brother Big Sister

Become a BIG and help build the next generation of leaders.

Future of Tomorrow

Future of Tomorrow is looking to connect with more youth in the ENY, and the overall Brooklyn area to continue to challenge education policies. Our work does not move without youth vices and actions!

Cleaner Oceans NYC Core Team!

Join the Cleaner Oceans NYC Core Team to work more in the NYC climate advocacy field. We have 9 different leadership roles available. 🌎

Communities United For Police Reform Open Positions

We're looking for change-makers. Apply to one of Communities United For Police Reform's open positions today. For more information, visit

BLM Grassroots

BLM Grassroots is a collective of chapters building a supply of resources and training. Through Grassroots, BLM will offer aligned organizations political education, skills training, strategic planning support, and organizing support for Black liberation.

The Reach Project

The reach project is looking for volunteers to help with curriculum creation and to assist with the remote learning transition.


Leads efforts to spread the word about our coalition, organizes local lobby meetings and events, increases local participation at events, and in our campaigns. serves as an ambassador for NY^2CL in their region, hosts regular check-in calls with their region members, and actively  recruit new members

Join the National Action Network

National Action Network builds pipelines, which is essential to the perpetuity of the movement. With 106 chapters across the nation, our youth and college division believes it’s important for that same opportunity and energy to be paralleled with our youth and young leaders through EXPANSION, SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT.


Monthly Meetings

 December 18th, 5-7 

Join us as we teachers discuss Biden, Now what?


Become a Chapter director

Become a LexGen chapter director!

Funders' Collaborative on

Youth Organizing

We're growing our FCYO family next year! We are looking for a dynamic Program Director and Operations & Administrative Associate to join our team.

MK Youth Empowerment Program Organizing Committee

December 24

The organizing committee is a group of passionate youth activist that meets twice a week to work on campaigns for the growth of our communities: The protect Flushing Trail focused on affordable housing and the mutual Aid Trail focused on Distributing and providing resources to the Flushing Community OC members will have the opportunity to take direct and tangible action on social issues participating in Hands-On activism

Girls for Gender Equity

A National Agenda for Black Girls

A National Agenda For Black Girls focuses on national policy priorities that have been informed by the experiences and self-identified needs of Black girls across the United States.A National Agenda For Black Girls Youth Steering Committee is expanding to 100 youth activists from across the country. All Black girls and gender-expansive youth of color ages 16-24 are welcome to apply

Street Vendor Project

We're Hiring!

January 10th

We are seeking new team members to join our movement to make New York City a place where street vendors thrive as essential entrepreneurs and anchors of community and culture across the five boroughs.

Urban Justice Center Social Justice Accelerator

Janurary 15th

The SJA initiative grows out of UJC’s decades-long history of incubating and supporting organizations that stand with marginalized communities, fight for inclusive communities, and push for transformative system-level change. Fueled by this history, the SJA invests in individuals and organizations at the forefront of social change by providing the support and resources to help them develop and scale early-stage social justice initiatives.

Zero Hour

Calling all activists in the NYC area!🗣We’re looking for organizers to join our team— no is experience necessary! Our current projects include a presentation series on anti-capitalism and endorsements for the 2021 city council race

Change the NYPD

Join a team of passionate and talented folks dedicated to increasing police transparency and accountability in NYC. We're currently #hiring for 5 positions.

CleanerOceans Inst

Finance and Fundraising Team

December 24th

As a Finance/Fundraising member, you will be expected to reach out to potential sponsors and donors. Set up and manage online donation and fundraising efforts. Also create fundraising ideas, such as different events or opportunities that allow the COI community to garner funds for upcoming projects.

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