Join Riseout

RiseOut works to mobilize people across New York State to work as change agents, ensuring that the diverse concerns of LGBTQ community members are heard. Find out how you can participate in RiseOut, so that we are all equipped to be strong advocates for LGBTQ New Yorkers.

AQE: Protect NYC Schools

Black, Latinx, and poor students will bear the brunt of Governor Cuomo’s threat to withhold 20% of state aid to education. We need immediate, long term, sustainable solutions from state legislators to protect our students from devastating cuts.Email Governor Cuomo now and tell him we must raise revenues and protect students from devastating cuts!

It's Our Money

The Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) will be running a participatory budgeting process
designed by youth in partnership with the Coro New York Leadership Center PB Youth
Fellowship Program. The goal of the project is to engage and empower young people to decide
how to spend $100,000 on projects designed to meet their needs and address their interests.
To facilitate this process, the CEC will be launching an exciting new participatory digital platform
where young people can submit ideas, create groups to hold discussions, and vote on projects
your organization proposes.

Join a Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Councils engage students as partners to foster youth leadership, community involvement, and democratic school and district governance.

Join A Youth Leadership Council

NYC Youth Leadership Councils (YLCs) are a network of youth groups focused on policy, practice, and advocacy to make local change happen.

Join a Community Board

Get involved in the decisions impacting your local community. 

Participatory Budgeting

Real Money. Real Projects. Real People.

Through Participatory Budgeting, community members - like you - directly decide how to spend at least $1,000,000 of the public budget in participating Council Districts.

NYC Votes

Ranked Choice Voter Education

We’re partnering with community organizations across NYC to educate voters about Ranked Choice Voting!To help your community vote with confidence, join our training sessions on voter outreach for community organizations this Jan and Feb.

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